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Energy efficiency is all the rage now, not only does it enable you to control your monthly energy bills, but at the same time simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint and minimizing greenhouse gases around the planet. Our solar panel specialist at Green Hill Solar is here to guide and educate you in choosing the right panels that best suit your home.

Reut R.

09/25/2019 via Yelp


I was referred to Green Hill Solar by a friend and I couldn't be happier with the way the process went from start to finish. Simon explained us about the sizing and how to use solar efficiently. The installation guys were extremely careful to not damage any tiles on the roof. When there were issues, Simon addressed them calmly, quickly and to our 100% satisfaction. Thank you Simon for completing our solar installation on time at a good price. I also wanted to say thank you to Ida who works in their customer service department. I highly recommend Green Hill Solar!

Ron A.

08/23/2019 via Yelp


We just installed 45 solar panels on our house. Simon and Green Hills were phenomenal! They walked us through the whole process and got all the permits, followed up with ladwp multiple times to expedite the proceed all at fair prices! Recommend using them!!! Thoughtful service and follow up by Simon and his team. Panels up and running and saving us lots of money while helping the world

Jim L.

09/17/2019 via Yelp


Simon measured designed and size my solar system perfectly. Professional crew clean job honest price and very explainable and responsible manager. They keep me posted all the time it was just a pleasure to work with those guys highly recommend.



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By the year 2020, all new homes will have to comply with the California law requiring new homes to include rooftop solar panels, so there is no better time than now.

Take advantage of all the benefits of solar panels:

  • Tax incentives and Savings
  • Renewable source of energy
  • Go completely off the grid and become independent
  • Avoids global warming
  • Increase property value
  • Generates employment for the community and income
  • Helps the environment
  • Easy financing available

Other Services

Roof Installations

Deformed roofs with missing shingles can lead to further, serious damage to your roof and home. If your roof has suffered from weather damage, looking old, or experiencing natural wear and tear from aging, or simply looking for an overall new look and quality of your home, we are fully equipped to replace, re-install and give your home a new and improved roof.


The most common roofing material for residential homes is shingles, and it’s due to the attractive cost-effective price and easy installation process. Shingles are widely available and are an inexpensive roofing material that can work with most architectural styles such as suburban homes.

roof shingles
roof tiles


Tile roofing is not only aesthetically appealing and durable, but they also have a life expectancy of up to 100 years. With an array of options, roofing tiles can come curved, flat and even interlocking in materials such as concrete, clay, slate, and more. If you’re located in warm, coastal areas such as California, tile roofing is the ideal choice to withstand extreme heat. The heavyweight from tiles will help regulate indoor temperature and is resistant to rot and insect damage so say goodbye to decay roofs.

Flat Torch Down

This sort of roofing material is designed for low-angle flat roofs that can last upwards of 20 years. With its long-lasting durability, installation is a tricky process and tends to cost more in comparison to traditional roofing materials. Flat torch down is the application that adheres to the material where the sheathing is melted with a torch to seal them together. The seal builds a secure hold preventing any water from causing unwanted leaks. Their resistance to rough weather conditions and longevity make them cost-effective in the long run.

flat torch down

Main Electrical Service Panel Upgrades

Being a homeowner has many advantages along with disadvantages such as needing to monitor and make sure your home is running smoothly. Diagnosing an issue that arises is only half of the task, especially when it comes to an electrical issue, the majority of homeowners are unaware of how to handle the issue. If you’re experiencing electrical issues or with appliances not working properly, it might be time to upgrade your main electrical service panel, especially if it’s more than 25 years old. The main breaker panel is the source of all power to turn on, and off the electricity in your home. Let Green Hill Solar make sure that everything is up to code and working properly by upgrading your electrical panel.

Interconnection paperwork processing

Now that you’ve made the decision to go solar and ready to start reaping the benefits, there’s one step during the installation process that needs to be done before, it’s interconnection. This is both the physical and government-approved process of connecting your solar panel system to your utility wires. Unfortunately, this process is not as straightforward and is based on how much electricity from panels is needed to be converted and transmitted accordingly to how much is generated. The steps in this process need to be met by bureaucratic standards and decide the responsibilities between homeowners and utility companies during the interconnection process. The reward of interconnection is the ability for homeowners to reap from extra savings where net metering exists. Our team of experts will ensure that your project receives the maximum rebate as soon as possible by handling all processing, paperwork, and permits required.

Plans and Permit Service Technicians

Before solar panel installation begins, our solar experts will design a detailed plan created specifically to suit your home and ready to submit to the city for permit approval. All solar designs are drafted accordingly to city codes and regulations. We stand by our word and ensure permit approval with top-notch professional service, design, and customer service by our service technicians while staying on schedule at an affordable price.

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Solar Panel Specs


Monocrystalline panels that comes in black on black or white on black that enhances the look of your roof.


Highly Durable to withstand winds, debris and snow loads that makes the panels last longer.


High Quality and long lasting mounting materials.

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