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Month: January 2020

Net Metering And What It Does For You

Solar power panels for home use are really nothing new. In fact, you’d probably be hard pressed to find a neighborhood without any solar panels up on the rooftops. It makes a lot of sense in the sunny SoCal climate. You’re most likely well aware of all the benefits of solar powering your home such as lower carbon emissions and lower energy bills. But one thing you might not be up to snuff on is your knowledge of net metering. It’s been in effect in California since 2016 so while it’s not new new, it might be new to...

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Our Tips for a Green and Eco-friendly Home in 2020

Drink Containers: Perfect for anyone at the office, or even everyone in your home, reusable water canteens, and coffee thermoses save the environment and save you from spending money on restocking water bottles.  Upgrade to “Smart” Devices: With the help of technology, your home can be more energy efficient starting with a sophisticated thermostat.Go Solar: Renewably sourced, solar power energy is the future that will provide a lifetime of giving for your home and the environment. Learn more about how you can make your home greener on...

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