You’ve committed to solar panels. You’re on your way to a greener future for your home and your wallet. This holiday season, and as we gear up for a new year, consider using this gift-giving opportunity to propel yourself into a more sustainable world with any of these eco-friendly gift ideas,

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Dental hygiene will never go out of style. Unfortunately, toothbrushes are plastic and must be replaced once the bristles begin to lag. While we don’t advocate quitting brushing your teeth, we do advocate for switching up the type of toothbrush you stuff into stockings for your loved ones. Bamboo is a multi-use, sustainable material that has a much smaller carbon footprint. Being made from organic material, this toothbrush will compost over time, rather than sit in a landfill for a million years. 

Sustainable/Recycled Clothing And Shoes

For the fashionista in your family, there are more and more options for clothing and shoes made from recycled or sustainable materials. Merino wool is the wool from this breed of sheep. It’s so spectacular because it’s incredibly soft, yet strong fibers. It’s also sustainable because after the sheep has been shorn it continues to regrow its luscious locks season after season. For something cozy, slip a pair of these gloves or a scarf under the tree.

Tupperware, Lunchbox, Utensils

Many of us will resolve to eat better next year. One useful gift to aid yourself and your friends in this goal is by providing them with sturdy tupperware, utensils, and an insulated lunch box to go with it. Not only will it be easier to bring a healthy lunch into work, but you’ll be able to use your tupperware over and over again. Spring for some nice glass pieces with locking lids. BPA free, and leak proof. What could be better?

Drink Containers

Coffee and water are the two most essential things for adults. Instead of wasting your money of packs of water bottles, give the gift of reusable sustainability. In 2016, Americans drank from over 50 million plastic water bottles, only 23% of which were recycled. It’s estimated 16 billion coffee cups are wasted in a year. 2017 saw a major spike in reusable coffee tumblers, but we could still do better. Perfect for anyone at the office, or even everyone in your home, reusable water canteens and coffee thermoses save the environment and save you from spending money on restocking water bottles. 

Wool Dryer Balls

It’s a very obscure thing to gift someone. But if you have a low dollar White Elephant gift exchange coming up, this is actually a pretty great gift. Wool dryer balls replace those scraggly dryer sheets that end up in the landfill. It isn’t just that they’re reusable, though, they also help reduce drying time for your clothes. Now you’ve saved your friend money and time and electricity. So if anyone scoffs at your choice in random gift-giving, enlighten them to the glorious world that is a reusable dryer ball. 

It isn’t just the planet that you’re helping, you’re also aiding the function and efficiency of the home by giving the gift of going green. What other reusable, kitschy gifts can you think to give this holiday season?